Happy Earth Day everyone!!

This day, as all of our days should be,

is a day we celebrate planet earth.

Mother earth.

Without her we could not exist.

Yet, we treat her as if she can tolerate anything we throw at her.  She can take it, right?

Uhhhh, I seriously doubt it.


What the f***  makes you think that this planet can handle abuse?

How many humans handle abuse before they lose it?

It's the same thing. 
Planet earth is living and breathing.

Now is the time.  

Actually, we should have started this a good 50 years ago.
Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk or

should I say spilt oil!!!!

All of us must share the target of being stewards of our planet.
It should be in the law of every government across the land!!

Either we do this or she will literally kick us off like fleas in one sweeping swoop!

You better believe it.

The Showtime TV docu-series is called "Years of Living Dangerously," is laying it out very clearly
for all of us to see.  Science and religion are ready to show you different points of view……
preparing you for what possibilities lay ahead.


You get to choose.

I'm praying you choose to be a little more responsible for 

  • where you place your feet.
  • Where you eat your food.
  • Where you breathe clean air.
  • Where you climb mountains.
  • Where you use medicine from plants and trees etc.
  • Where you bathe.
  • Where you live.

Think about it.

Join me in blogging to change the world.
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*Income disclaimer - everyone gets different results.


Magical possibiltiies,